Lobby Minnesota: Campo and Associates features highly regarded names on the Minnesota political landscape. We have accumulated more than half a century of experience in client advocacy and lobbying the Minnesota Legislature. Each of our associates has established a stellar reputation in the political arena with lawmakers and other stakeholders. We can provide exceptional access to leadership and committee chairpersons, as well as legislators, governor’s staff and state commissioners.

Maryann Campo has continually earned the title “One of Minnesota’s Top Lobbyists” and has built a reputation as a tireless worker who will fight to the end for the legislation affecting her clients. Daniel Campo has solidified a reputation for fair, yet aggressive advocacy.

As our client, you will select the team member you believe can garner you a successful outcome. While you may work directly with one person, our entire team will work behind the scenes to ensure your strategic plan is implemented. That plan can include:

  • Preparing press releases, informational pamphlets, and news conferences to inform the public why the proposed legislation is considered beneficial
  • Facilitate meetings between you and elected officials to discuss legislative issues and to respond to your concerns
  • Study, craft, and refine legislation according to your needs
  • Provide a daily presence at the State Capitol to promote passage, defeat, or an amendment to a bill
  • Prepare and assist when you testify at hearings; we will also testify on your behalf at your direction


Our goal is to achieve successful results for each of our clients using our skills in relationship building, knowledge of the issues, experience in the political process, a strong work ethic, and working across party lines with a variety of personalities. We are ethical, fair and articulate in promoting the issues and legislation important to you.