During her 19 years as a contract lobbyist, Campo (The Black Widow) has garnered the distinction of being the most relentless and direct advocate prowling the Capitol corridors. Whether they love her or loathe her, lawmakers agree there’s something about Maryann.”


The Campo’s are great to work with. When I need something done quickly, effectively and successfully, they can be counted on to produce.  I have found Dan and Maryann to be fair, articulate and persuasive lobbyists.” -Rep. Tom Tillberry (DFL)

MaryAnn really knows her way around the capital and is familiar with both parties. Sometimes considered a little direct, it is a reflection of her style. She is extremely loyal, stays on target, and in the face of adversity perseveres for her clients’ issues where others might falter.”
- Senator Dick Day (R), Former Minority Leader

I have worked with many fine lobbyists when I was in Minnesota, and in my opinion MaryAnn is the best legislative advocate I have seen, and that is why I retained her.”
- John Berglund, Exec. Dir. of the Bowling Proprietors Association of America (BPAA)

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Maryann Campo named “the most professional persuaders in the state”,   March 28, 2004

You know she’s always there. She is persistent, and doesn’t give up until the final rap of the gavel. But I find her friendly in her disagreements. She is very loyal, on both a party and friendship basis.
- Rep. Steve Sviggum (R), Former Speaker of the House